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Khairat Al-Thamir Company

We are committed to continuous innovations and developments to deliver exceptional services to the Iraqi clients in the fields above. Since its inception, Khairat Al-Thamir Co. main aim has always been to positively participate in rebuilding Iraq as a stronger player, depending on its well trained and skilled human resources. Because of that Khairat Al-Thamir Co. has focused so much on developing the Iraqi human element, in terms of capabilities, competencies, skills and knowledge. The company is committed to serve the Iraqi Community and to make the community members aware of the international standards in different fields of work.
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Khairat Al-Thamir Company For General Contracting Ltd. is committed to excellence in construction works by way of expertise, experience, and a strong work ethic. Khairat Al-Thamir Company has a talented and dedicated staff that takes pride in their work while utilizing the latest construction technologies.
Khairat Al-Thamir Company